Electronic Portfolio                 
Welcome to the electronic portfolio of Richard A. Covello. This is a collection of electronic information assembled and managed for professional and personal purposes. E-portfolios are used in academia as evidence of achievement. Please contact me to receive the password needed to access confidential pages on this web site. Enjoy my e-portfolio and have a great day!

My extensive information technology experience and education has given me the opportunity to work in the financial services industry, health care industry, and academia. A willingness to embrace change is part of the culture and life style for most individuals and companies working with technology. 

I have earned a Master’s degree, two Bachelor’s degrees, and two certificates in computer science during my career. Education and learning are life long endeavors.

As a health care provider one of my specialties is the treatment of infertility. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to treat infertility for thousands of years. From March, 2008 until November, 2013, I helped 61 families create 64 babies. Three mothers delivered twins.


I am the only person in the world to successfully design and deploy a health care superhighway. A health care superhighway is a single system capable of processing an unlimited number of health care programs. CHS Life can be used to manage government health care plans, pharmaceutical orders, charitable contributions, wellness memberships, provider appointments, and private insurance plans with claims; all from within a single application.

A single CHS Life system could be used to automate the entire US health care system.